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In March 2019 we will agree with a local hospital to carry out cataract operations on any patients we refer. The cost of each operation is £ 25. At the 2017 medical camp we referred 45 patients (7 patients were under 13 yrs). You can donate £ 25 for a patient to have cataract surgery in March 2019. We will send you a gift card thanking you for providing someone with the gift of sight. What better Christmas or birthday present for someone special. (Download poster here )

Number of Cataract Operations

Otherwise you can make your donation for a cataract referral here (without Gift Aid)

Number of Cataract Operations



We need to refresh our supply of used glasses. We will need distance and reading glasses (not bifocals or varifocals). No cases either just place each pair of glasses in a small plastic bag. If you know the prescription for the glasses please make a note on some paper and put it in the bag too (this will save a lot of time). Contact us for collection arrangements.  (Download poster here)

Note: if you are an optician and willing to asses and mark up our glasses please contact us.

Old Cases Needed

We need around 20 old suitcases or holdalls to make a one way trip to Kenya. They need to be lightweight and large to take up to 23Kg of supplies

Small Windows laptop needed

We need a small windows laptop (eg a netbook) to run our medical camp audit in March 2019. It needs to have working Microsoft Windows and a working battery (as we have a solar charger to supplement). MS Office is not necessary as we can install free Libre Office.

A sponsor for our volunteer T-Shirts

Each year we go to Kenya we give each volunteer tee shirts to wear, this unites both nations of volunteers and also provides a memoire for all involved. We are currently looking for sponsors for the tee shirts for the 2019 trip, if anyone knows of a small business (or large) who is able to help we would love to hear from you.