2019 Kisii Medical Camp

On 14th March 23 volunteers will leave the UK to join our Kenyan clinicians and support staff to run our fifth medical camp in the Kisii area of the Western Kenyan Highlands.

Stunning highlands
This is tea growing country
Volunteers and staff ready for a busy day
22 (20Kg) bags of medical supplies, equipment, gifts, glasses etc are packed and ready to go out with the volunteers.
Drugs and diagnostic tests ordered ready for collection in Kenya
Flights booked
Kenyan transport booked
Six clinic locations identified and planned.


One of the project leads flies out a week early to ensure everything is ready and secures consent from Ministry of Health, the police and the local chiefs in each village where we run the camps. The team flies out to Nairobi on 14th March. It is then a 6-7 hour bumpy drive to the western highlands. When the volunteers arrive they setup their tents for the week and then start a full day of preparation. Day 1 (Sunday) sees an early (6 am) start to arrive at the days clinic site for 8 am to setup the clinic. Clinics start around 9.30am and run until 4pm seeing between 300 and 600 patients during the day offering a wide range of services. They then decommission the camp and drive home for dinner and preparation for the next day. Supplies eg drugs, diagnostic tests, food need to be checked and topped up for the next day. Each day an electronic audit is carried out of all patients attending for a final report to the ministry of health. During the day(s) some patients may be identified for referral for cataract surgery or other procedures (sometimes urgent).

Base camp
The long bumpy drive to each clinic location
All records must be audit by close of each day
Every patient has basic observations done
The opticians see at least 40% of all attending patients
The laboratory
Our 24/7 Security detail
Sometimes you just have to improvise
From aches and pains to minor injuries
Dash to get home before the rains come

THANKYOUS – there are so many people and organisations to thank, and that’s before we have even got to Kenya ! But here are a few.

  • Our volunteers – they pay for their own flights, make a donation to the camp support costs and raise money for the operational costs. Perhaps even more important they give up their time and skills for a week of hard work, difficult basic living conditions and emotionally challenging but incredibly rewarding encounters.
  • Everyone who has donated money, gifts, glasses, their time, equipment, suitcases etc etc – we simply could not do it without you.
  • The Rotary Club of Lincoln Colonia – once again a very significant donation (and encouragement).
  • Festimed Ltd and RocDoc for their joint sponsorship of T-shirts, ID badges, and HIV tests.
  • Everyone who has donated a cataract surgery referral. We now have funding for over 40 operations to be carried out at the local regional hospital.

Meet some of our Kenyan friends we hope to see again – click here.