Triathlon Complete

_MG_8153-9 _MG_8155-11 One David Lloyd Triathlon completed! Big thank you to Claire Turner for putting herself though the pain, between Laura and Claire they raised over £500 for Patchworking Against Poverty! Thanks to eveyone who supported them_MG_8156-12_MG_8165-21  _MG_8178-34  _MG_8193-49 _MG_8200-56 _MG_8211-67

Claire and Laura brave the David Lloyd Sprint triathalon on 21/04

So for some reason I signed up for a sprint triathlon in 3 weeks time.  Worse than that I convinced my friend it was a good idea too! We have dragged ourselves out running and biking in snow, rain and 22mph winds (I’ve got to admit it wasn’t always fun)…the motivation….a little orphaned guy called Brain …who has polio and some cool kids at Grace’s Care Centre orphanage in Kenya that need our help. I know everyone asks for sponsorship all the time and I appreciate it is hard but if you can just give up something maybe a pint, or a glass of vino, or that special offer box of chocolates you might be about to buy and donate a little something (no matter how small) it will go so far and the best bit…it all 100% gets there…THERE ARE NO ADMIN FEES! I know cause I take it! Here are the links to show your supportjust clinck it only takes a few seconds….

PAP visits school

This month see the start of an exciting new project for Patchworking Against Poverty, we are heading into primary schools to talk to the children about Kenya and how the children in Kenya live. The idea behind this project is to give the children an insight into poverty and how different life can be for some people, particularly the children living in poverty in Kenya.

The children will be shown photos and videos from our experiences to express the differences between the two countries. We will then run a competition between the children in each school, they will be asked to design a poster advertising the medical camp and the winner’s poster will be utilised in Kenya.

As a charity we feel that it is important for the next generation to be aware of what life is like in developing countries, see how much life differs to our own, and the ways in which we as individuals can make a difference.

If anyone would like anymore information please get in contact with us.


Air Force Junior Leaders

Amazing night last night at the Air Cadets Junior Leaders end of course dinner. During which 10 scolarships were given out from the John Thornton Young Acheivers Foundation by Peter and Linda Thornton. Six of these were scholarships to come to Kenya with us this year…massive well done to those that completed the course and got the shcolarships…good times ahead!


Casino Night Success….

On Friday 15th February Patchworking Against Poverty held a Casino Night in Lincoln, it was a huge success without which would not have been possible without help from Jen Gorton, Debra Jacklin, Michael Knowles, Jayne Jacklin, the Assembly Rooms in Lincoln, and of course the Hykeham Lions Club, who kindly came along to our Casino night and supplied the tables and croupiers and donated a very generous £250 for Patchworking Against Poverty. Thank you!

roulette lions

_MG_7981 _MG_7975 _MG_7976

Big thanks also to Mr Gorton for your cash prize donation for the boxes and to Pam Ashley for donating it back to Patchworking Against Poverty.

Kevin Morton won the £50 cash prize for winning the most money and he amazingly donated it back to Patchworking Against Poverty…thank you!

In total we raised a massive £1700, thank you to everyone who came to support us!


Matt and Adi conquer Tough Guy!

Matthew Wilkinson and Adi Crosby raised well over a massive £200 for Patchworking Against Poverty!

To put this in context his money will pay for 3 days of Doctors at the Kisii Medical Camp 2013!

Thanks so much!

And here’ the photo’s to prove it….

Matt and Adi matt2 matt3 matt and adi

2013 Flights to Kenya are booked!

Another exciting year of projects for Patchworking Against Poverty will start on the 13th August 2013, when another 10 volunteers fly out to Kenya.

The initial projects will be working in Kawangare at Grace’s Care Centre and Wema Hospital.

On the 29th August another 12 volunteers will fly out to meet us, we will head over to Kisii and the Kisii Medical Camp will run between the 1-6th September 2013. It is estimated that over 5000 people will be seen and treated once again at the medical camp.

Whilst in Kisii we will also visit Kisii Children’s home to see our small friends whom we gave a new home to after last years medical camp. We hope to have raised enough money to also purchase wheelchair for Brian. Brian contracted polio when he was a child and has been left severely physically disabled. He was living rough with a friend taking care of him in a derelict house, he presented to us at the medical camp last year and we provided him with a home in Kisii Children’s Home and education at a local school.

Doug Scott Photography

Douglas Scott was a volunteer on last years trip to Kenya and he has kindly agreed to donate all sales from his photography website to Patchworking Against Poverty!
Douglas has taught himself photography over the recent years and has successfully sold many photo’s which have been in calendars, national newspapers and on UK billboards!

Please take a minute to check out his website. All purchase profits are currently coming to support projects initiated by Patchworking Against Poverty. Thank you Doug!

School visits

Patchworking Against Poverty has set in place a very exciting project in this country. Laura and Holly are going to do school visits.

They will be visiting certain schools before their visit to Africa at the end of the year to talk to the children and explain the nature of their work and what they hope to achieve.

It is hoped that after Laura’s and Holly’s visit the children would be involved in some sort of event, decided by the children, to raise funds to be spent on this years proposed projects.

Laura and Holly hope to educate the children as to the living conditions in developing countries and how life differs to here in the UK.  They will also explain what projects are proposed and the children will decide as to which their raised monies will be spent on.

They will also be asking each child to design a poster advertising the medical camp. Then with the help of the children’s teachers, Laura and Holly will chose a winner from each school and each winning poster will be taken to Africa and be put up and actually used to advertise the medical camp.

On Laura’s and Holly’s return they will revisit each school to explain how the trip went and show the children pictures of how all their hard work at raising the funds have helped to provide support and medical care for people who really need help.

Normally when children raise money for Comedy Relief, Sport relief and Children In Need they hand the monies over and never see to which projects it goes to, but with Patchworking Against poverty they will be totally involved.