We’d like to introduce you to…

DR George Guto…

Dr George is originally from Kisii and now lives in the second largest slum in Kenya- Kawangare, Nairobi. He devotes his life to serving the local community in Kawangare, barely earning a wage from working in Wema he uses his rare time off to work as a surgeon in the bigger towns to earn enough money to feed his family.


Dr Evans O’bare….

Dr Evans lives and works as a Pharmacist in Nairobi. We were introduced to him through Dr George at Wema Hospital in 2012. Since then he has been a valued member of the team using his knowledge and contacts to help us along the way. Whilst we are back in the UK busy raising money for our next ventures Evans is busy building and maintaining relationships in Kenya.

Evans’ Dispatch….Number 1

Evans works hard both as a Pharmacist and for Patchworking Against Poverty. We’ve asked him to send us updates from Kenya on things that have been transformed with the help of you and those who support PAP in other ways. This is his first dispatch…

“Patchworking has helped transform Wema hospital from a normal clinic in the slum to having one of the most beautiful appearances with an enabling environment for patients and staff. Like the story of drainage that helped transform our backyard from a muddy field to the new look. water easily drains hence no more danger of mosquitoes and unhygienic environment for the patients.”

Junior Leader Graduates bound for Kenya!

Seven graduates from Junior Leaders course number 15 have been awarded a John Thornton Young Achievers Award Bursary to help Patchworking Against Poverty on this years trip in August. The Junior Leader’s graduated on course number 15 this week, after a seven day ‘Test Week’ spent in the field experiencing amazing leadership training exercises and rather hefty endurance levels…although the weather was kind of good this week! The seven lucky individuals will be immersed into life in Kenya; putting the skills they have just honed over the last 9 months to good use and assist Laura with the work planned for the clinic. They will eat, sleep and live in Kissi for almost three weeks. We will be following their stay both here on the website and on our Facebook page.

Seven lucky JL Graduates excited about their trip of a lifetime in August.
Seven lucky JL Graduates excited about their trip of a lifetime in August. Seven lucky JL Graduates excited about their trip of a lifetime in August.