Claire and Laura brave the David Lloyd Sprint triathalon on 21/04

So for some reason I signed up for a sprint triathlon in 3 weeks time.  Worse than that I convinced my friend it was a good idea too! We have dragged ourselves out running and biking in snow, rain and 22mph winds (I’ve got to admit it wasn’t always fun)…the motivation….a little orphaned guy called Brain …who has polio and some cool kids at Grace’s Care Centre orphanage in Kenya that need our help. I know everyone asks for sponsorship all the time and I appreciate it is hard but if you can just give up something maybe a pint, or a glass of vino, or that special offer box of chocolates you might be about to buy and donate a little something (no matter how small) it will go so far and the best bit…it all 100% gets there…THERE ARE NO ADMIN FEES! I know cause I take it! Here are the links to show your supportjust clinck it only takes a few seconds….

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