Previous Visits

My Experience starts back in 2009 when I finally plucked up the courage to get involved with some volunteer work The programme I enrolled on involved living and working in one of the most notorious slums in Kenya, The Kawangare slum in the country’s capital Nairobi. My duties included helping out in a rural clinic called the Wema Clinic working under the direction of Dr George Guto. Dr George gets paid a very small amount of money and travels to the Wema clinic to help the people of his country.

I helped out in any way I could, assisting Dr George with anything from cleaning inside and out, to helping assess and treat patients.

Weekends were our free time and I chose to spend mine working with other volunteers at an Internally Displaced People Camp (IDP) along with exploring Kenya.

When I returned home from my first visit to Kenya I set my goal to do some fund raising back here in the UK. I was successful and managed to raise over £5000 by holding various fundraising events throughout the year.
The support from my Colleagues at EMAS, my friends and family was outstanding. I also approached the Rotary Club of Lincoln and presented to them my plans for 2010 and as a result they very keen to help and kindly donated £1000.

My second visit to Kenya took place in 2010 and was mainly focused on distributing the money I raised. The money raised went a long way in Kenya and was spent on various projects both within and outside the Wema clinic, including sourcing and importing an ultra sound from China, tiling a ward in the clinic to prevent the spread of infection and helping to build a school at a refugee camp amongst other things.

Dr George was overwhelmed with the generosity of all that helped and the money raised has made a huge difference in a challenging environment.

My Third visit in 2011 was in conjunction with the John Thornton Young Achievers Foundation which is affiliated with the R.A.F. This visit I was tasked with taking six R.A.F cadets to the Wema clinic to help out with jobs such as tiling the remaining clinic floors. This was a huge challenge as no one in the group had any experience of tiling before. But all the Cadets put in the hard work needed and enjoyed the experience.

As a thank you Dr George took us to his family home in Kisii, a rural community within in Kenya. The majority of people in Kisii have no access to healthcare, many die simply due to simple medical problems which haven’t been picked up and treated early. This is where we can and have helped.

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