Kenya 2013 trip has kicked off…..!

Big thank you to Flight sergeant Gerry Moss and his colleagues for raising money throughout the year. They managed to raise over £750 for Patchworking Against Poverty!


Doug Scott and Rod Johnson have put on their bests on a Sunday morning to head down to a car boot sale and they raised enough money to buy a new fridge for Wema Clinic’s lab! The old fridge was old, falling apart and unhygienic. This new addition to Wema was gratefully received by Joshua and the team there.


The trip to Kenya this year has kicked of to a great start, 6 days in and work on Wema has been huge. When it rains in Kenya it rains and the clinic gets flooded outside the wards making it almost impassable from one ward to another as they have to walk outside to access each ward.  We have now cleared the whole yard, had tons of hardcore delivered ready to put in place a drainage system.

One this has been completed construction of a new store and kitchen will commence. Wema will also have a raised water tank to enable water pressure so a shower can be inserted and the toilet an flush.

Wema Clinic is under scrutiny from the government and last year we completed all the government requirements to save Wema being forced to shut down, all bar a sluice, this year we have agreed to fund a sluice to be put into the maternity ward.

The John Thornton Young Achievers Foundation have solely funded a mobile ward at Wema. We have imported a freight container and it is currently being transformed into a mobile ward in Wema’s yard. It is to be named after John Thornton.


Grace’s Care Centre/Lighthouse Academy needed their kitchen replacing due to government requirements once again they were threatened with closure if this was not done, we have now ripped out the kitchen and tiling has begun and hopefully in a few days they will have a shiny new kitchen to enjoy.


All of this would not be possible without the people to help here in Kenya, so far this year I have had the pleasure of

Sadie Sutcliffe

Holly Cahill

Connie Wilman

Luke Womersley

Harry Clubb

Lawrence Page

Sam Jackson

Jordan Cawar

Chris Raj

Evans O’bare


Nor would it be possible without the support from the UK, so thank you!


After re-homing the orphans we came across last year at Kisii Medical camp we have had a sponsorship programme running for the past 10 months, we have now paid their school fees for the year. One of the orphans was a little man called Brian, he is disabled through Polio and thankfully due to money raised Brian now has a new wheelchair, so he no longer has to rely on anyone to do the simplest of things for him, he has his own independence!


Lions eye hospital in Nairobi have agreed to perform free cataract operations on anyone we find to need one at Kisii Medical camp, we only need to provide their transport. They have also agreed to give us tested spectacles to give out at Kisii Medical Camp 2013. To be able to give only one person the gift of sight would have made this whole trip for me, to be able to offer this to more than one is amazing, for this there will never be enough thanks.


Marie Stopes is an international family planning service, they have kindly donated contraception so we are able to give health advice, offer contraception and family planning advice to the patients who attend Kisii Medical Camp 2013. Thank you Marie Stopes.



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