Doug Scott Photography

Douglas Scott was a volunteer on last years trip to Kenya and he has kindly agreed to donate all sales from his photography website to Patchworking Against Poverty!
Douglas has taught himself photography over the recent years and has successfully sold many photo’s which have been in calendars, national newspapers and on UK billboards!

Please take a minute to check out his website. All purchase profits are currently coming to support projects initiated by Patchworking Against Poverty. Thank you Doug!

School visits

Patchworking Against Poverty has set in place a very exciting project in this country. Laura and Holly are going to do school visits.

They will be visiting certain schools before their visit to Africa at the end of the year to talk to the children and explain the nature of their work and what they hope to achieve.

It is hoped that after Laura’s and Holly’s visit the children would be involved in some sort of event, decided by the children, to raise funds to be spent on this years proposed projects.

Laura and Holly hope to educate the children as to the living conditions in developing countries and how life differs to here in the UK.  They will also explain what projects are proposed and the children will decide as to which their raised monies will be spent on.

They will also be asking each child to design a poster advertising the medical camp. Then with the help of the children’s teachers, Laura and Holly will chose a winner from each school and each winning poster will be taken to Africa and be put up and actually used to advertise the medical camp.

On Laura’s and Holly’s return they will revisit each school to explain how the trip went and show the children pictures of how all their hard work at raising the funds have helped to provide support and medical care for people who really need help.

Normally when children raise money for Comedy Relief, Sport relief and Children In Need they hand the monies over and never see to which projects it goes to, but with Patchworking Against poverty they will be totally involved.

Glen Ford keeps quiet for cash!

Glen Ford, almost takes Alan Carr’s chatty man status to the cleaners on a regular basis. So when he decided to have a sponsored silence for 12 hours at work it was like music to our ears although it has to be seen to be believed! So far Glen has raised over £100 sponsorship for this…thank you so much Glen!

He only went and did it…on the 2nd January 2013 Glen managed a whole shift without uttering a word! Well done Glen!!