Kisii Childrens Home

For a number of years we have supported the accommodation and education of a small number of individual children at the Kisii Childrens Home.

Funds donated are taken in person to the home when we visit and the sponsored children and seen in person. This normally happens when we start the medical camps (about every 15 months).

More details are on our case studies page.

Unfortunately the home is very short of money in in a very poor state of repair. It is heartbreaking to visit and see each year how the number of children homed there continues to rise. Supporting children’s homes can be controversial and we understand the reasons why, however the current alternative for these children is life on the street at risk of solvent abuse and worse (we see this each year).

The children we have supported continue to do well at school. We do what (little) we can for the rest of the children when we visit eg providing shoes, mattresses, football strips, worming tablets.

If you would like to sponsor a child at Kisii Childrens Home please contact us (contacts page) to discuss.